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Home-based business grows
  • Posted: 09/06/09 12:01 am
    Updated: 03/06/12 10:08 pm
  • UPPER GWYNEDD — Candy and Freddie Peck’s home on Green Street looks like any other from the outside.
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    But inside one encounters the sights and sounds, and especially the scents, of the soaps, lotions, candles, perfumes, lip balms, itch creams and other products made by their home business, Green Street Luxuries.

  • “One of our children had some skin problems, so we started by making soaps for that. I read about how to do it online and sent away for some of the ingredients and molds, and it was such a large mold I started giving bars away as gifts and presents,” said Candy.
  • “That was about two and a half years ago, and we were getting such good feedback that we said, ‘Maybe we can do a little more with this,’” she said.
  • What they’ve done so far is create a virtual home assembly line, where customers can check out the company Web site http://GreenStreetLux.com and e-mail comments, questions or orders in to Candy.
  • She takes those comments, does whatever research is necessary, and then breaks out the ingredients and molds right there on the kitchen counter to fill those orders.
  • “Some of our customers see us online, or people ask us questions when we have our table at the Lansdale Farmers Market every Saturday morning; that’s a great way to get out and meet people and get ideas for new products that can help them,” Candy said.
  • Sales have been brisk because the couple do everything they can to keep costs low, like buying ingredients in bulk, printing their own labels at home, and wrapping soap bars in plastic wrap instead of fancy packaging.
  • “We’re very green friendly; for example, if customers bring back an empty bottle they’re done using, we give them a dollar discount on their next purchase, which helps keep people from throwing the bottles away and lets us recycle them,” Candy said.
  • Both she and Freddie work day jobs, but once they’ve come home for the day, each puts in a couple of hours researching, mixing, pouring and packaging their homemade products.
  • “I’m both the manpower and the test subject. I get to set up the table on Saturday morning, carry all of our stuff in and out, and then test everything she makes; we have about a dozen bars of soap going in the shower right now,” Freddie said.
  • They put in between 20 and 24 hours each week doing all of that
  • home work, have built a gift basket filled with $50 worth of products to raffle off at the market, and are pondering the possibility of starting a store in Lansdale depending on how the rest of the farmers market’s sales season goes.
  • “Fred and Candy are great people, and it’s a really cool little business that is focused on sustainability and giving back, and they’re trying to do some good during these trying economic times,” said Bill Stevens, the market’s vendor coordinator.
  • Not only good for themselves and for those with skin conditions, itches, or other ailments, but also for the community: Green Street Luxuries donates 5 percent of its profits to Lansdale’s Manna on Main Street.
  • “We’re not in this for the money, and don’t really make much by doing it. We just do this to do some good for the community, and help make people’s lives a little better,” Candy said.
  • On the Net
  • Visit http://GreenStreetLux.com or e-mail GreenStreetLux@aol.com.